Archival Pigment Print, 1999.

The text reads—
"It is a matter of record that in 1969 the surgeon general, in a speech given at Hopkins, assured his audience that we had effectively probed most frontiers of knowledge in the infectious diseases field, that the remaining problems in this country were marginal, and that attention should now turn to the chronic diseases. it is evident now, as it should have been then, that mutation and change are facts of nature, that the world is increasingly interdependent, and that human health and survival will be challenged ad infinitum, by new and mutant microbes.
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About the artist—
Philip Riley attended the Central St.Martins School of Art in London to study fine art painting and print-making in the mid-eighties and participated in the London's vibrant art scene until he came to New York in the mid-nineties. While in London he exhibited in several important survey shows such as 'Wonderful Life' at the Lisson Gallery London, 'The Institute of Cultural Anxiety' at the ICA London and 'Instructions' at Gio Marconi in Milan, amongst others. His work has always been about the scientific explanation of life weighed against the spiritual and emotional experience of living. Philip currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Since 2010 he has owned and run a fine art printing studio where he makes digital prints and editions for galleries, museums and the international and local artistic community.